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Wadi Dana

Wadi Dana is a spectacular nature park spanning 320 square kilometers of mountains and wadis from the top of the eastern Rift Valley to Wadi Araba. The difference in elevation reaches a maximum of 1600 meters. The conservation area is home to very diverse wildlife including a number of species threatened by extinction including leopards, eagles and lizards.

The numerous ruins in Dana Village  are a testament to the village's 5,000 year history. In recent times, Dana was abandoned by its inhabitants as they moved to cities in search of more prosperous livelihoods. With the help of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, the local tribes have returned to rebuild their village with the characteristic sandstone houses and make a living by producing local artisanal products.

Wadi Dana is a fantastic place to hike and so enjoy the scenery on foot. We take visitors to this area with one of our favorite hikes leading from Dana Village through the high- and lowlands all the way to Petra!


Enjoy the evening by an open fire.
Wadi Dana

The breathtaking views are perfect for
some introspection.
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