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Wadi Araba

Wadi Araba is a 150 kilometer stretch of land from the Dead Sea to Aqaba. The desert is part of the Great Rift Valley and - in Jordan - rises to heights of 450 meters and dips to less 400 meters below sea level. You will encounter some semi-arid land as well as the classic desert sand dunes with palm trees.

The region is warmer than most of Jordan and only sparsely populated. It is quite possible to roam the desert here without encountering another soul apart from perhaps the odd Bedouin out with his herd of animals.

We enjoy sharing this special place in the world with visitors very much as it's one of our favorite spots, too. You can explore the area by Jeep, on foot or atop a camel, horse, donkey or mule!

There is no accommodation available in Wadi Araba, but we are entitled to set up camps here for you. We'll be sleeping under the stars. The food we eat in Wadi Araba is prepared over an open fire.

Wadi Araba dunes Wadi Araba Wadi Araba Wadi Araba
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