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Monastery Petra Quick Facts
  • Petra lies in a valley 260 km south of Amman. The ancient city comprises 45 square kilometers surrounded by desert.
  • The name Petra comes from the Greek work meaning rock. Standing in front of these awe-inspiring structures, you will see that the name is very apt.
  • The ancient city is also known as the Red Rose City as the structures are bathed in the most wondrous hues of rose early in the morning.

A Brief Word on Petra's History


Petra is an ancient city that lies on the old east-west trade routes. It was the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom from the 4th century BC until it lost its commercial importance at the beginning of the 2nd century AD due to the development of sea routes and the city of Palmyra to the north. With the exception of a Roman invasion shortly after and some occupation during the Byzantine empire, the city was more or less forgotten.

For centuries, it wasn't even certain that the site existed at all as it is hidden by a long natural passageway called Siq in Arabic. Also, the largest Bedouin tribe in the region, the Al-Howeitat took up residence in the cave structures and thus became the guardians of the city and its secrecy.

It wasn't until a Swiss man, named Jean-Louis Burckhardt, went to Petra in 1812 that the city’s existence was confirmed to the rest of the world. Legend has it that Petra lies at the foot of Jebel Haroun where Aaron, Moses' brother laid buried. Knowing of this legend, Burckhardt asked the Bedouin if he might pay his respects to Aaron by by sacrificing a goat at his tomb. Though he was blindfolded to enter the site, his companions allowed him to see the marvels of the ancient city once they had passed through the Siq.

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