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Information about the Bedouin in Petra

Till 1984 we - the Albedoull tribe - lived in Petra, today most of us live in the nearby village of Umm Sayhoun (about 2,000 inhabitants).

Bedouin tent Past...

The bedoul tribe gave up the nomadic lifestyle many generations ago when they came to Petra, where the goats and sheep could graze year-round without long migrations. In the summers we built our tents, called Beit Shar, which offered respite from the heat, while in the winters we lived in the caves and structures of Petra to protect ourselves from the cold.
We grazed our goats and sheep in the surrounding area and thus over the centuries gained detailed knowledge of the mountains and desert.

... and present Umm Sayhoun

Of course, modern comforts (houses, jeeps, education) influence our life. Things have become more easy, and in some points you can see the influence of the Western world by the tourists. Nevertheless, the old ways do not vanish. Some Albedoull tribe members even today still live in caves Petra. And those who don't also maintain the traditions.

Some of us gain our livelihood from trade with goats and sheep, while others work with tourists, selling Bedouin jewellery and guiding through the area.
Our in-depth knowledge of Petra and the surrounding area allows us to take travellers on unforgettable adventures into the mountains and deserts. As a matter of fact, if someone is lost in the desert, our people are the first port of call!

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