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What do the Bedouin eat?

One thing you will encouter while you stay here is Bedouin food: an important part of every culture is what people eat. Of course, this is also true for the us. Over the centuries, typical dishes and special ways to prepare them have been developed - secrets we are willing to pass on to our guests. Some things you might want to know can be found on this page, but for the real experience, you just have to come and taste it!
Bedouin food is always cooked in the open fire, which adds a special taste to even the simplest dish. Usually, a meal is a social occassion, enjoyed with family or friends. We eat with our hands: for example, rice is rolled into a small ball and dipped into the sauce.

woman baking shraak on a saj Here is an overview of some traditional dishes you might be served.


An important part of almost every meal is bread. We have many different types of bread:

  • Pita: a pocketet flat-bread
  • Shraak: a very thin bread (almost like a french crêpe), made on a saj - a domed pan - upon the fire
  • Taboon: a thicker bread (about 3 - 5 cm) of usually dark flour, baked slowly in an underground oven


A dish cooked usually cooked for holidays: weddings, celebrations or the arrival of special guests. It is stewed lamb meat on a bead of rice and bread, served with a sauce of joghurt and garnished with pine nuts.

maglubeh on a siddr Maglubeh

The name of this dish translates to "Upside Down" in English, and this already gives away how it is made: chicken, vegetables like potatoes and peppers and rice are stacked in layers in one pot and cooked. When done, the whole thing is turned over on a siddr (a large, round plate everyone can eat from) and served.


A simple but tasty dish made mainly from bread and joghurt. Sometimes, hummus is added. It is eaten with chops of raw onions and olive oil.

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